Get rid of moths naturally

If you are in Your Cosy Home, but feeling little moths want to take over your sweet place, then you “Urgently Need” to read this letter…

You Are About To “DISCOVER”The Amazingly Easy Step by Step “SOLUTION” on HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR MOTH PROBLEMSinYour Home FOREVER!

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From The Moth Battle Ground Of Gerald Fleissner

Tuesday, 10:28 a.m.


Dear Bitter Moth Sufferer,

If you’re one of the millions of home owners, who feel completely frustrated and overwhelmed by those nasty, dust leaving, larvae dropping, annoying little moths right now, you need to know that you are not alone.  Moth infestatations are growing each year (or at least the searches for them are!).

There are over 2 million searches PER MONTH related to moths and moth problems! That’s DISGUSTING!

They are taking over your home and getting out of control! 

It needs to stop!  But not all moth remedies CAN stop the problem entirely. This is why I’ve created this website…the information you’re about to get here could be the lucky break, you may have been wishing for.

If you are getting the heebeegeebee’s (feeling gross and itchy, starting to twitch and fear the flight of moths around your head, above your bed at night – flapping behind you and in front of you) you may even be effected profoundly!

This is a REAL Problem!

You may not be in this same predicament YET…but did you know that people who DON’T take care of their moth problems completely are finding all sorts of evidence of moths in places they never expected – and they don’t know why?

When moths do go WILD in your home, you will find that they are taking over your ENTIRE home, putting your mental health at risk and causing you to throw away ton’s of money!

Let me explain…moths and their larvae can be found everywhere and it makes people crazy (sometimes literally).  People are developing real phobia’s of moths!  It’s called Mottephobia.   This is a real fear of moths. Those who have this may not have a fear of all insects or flying bugs, but they could.

You don’t want to develop this phobia. People who suffer from Mottephobia do experience great fear.  So lets prevent YOU from getting to this point.  First, lets talk about where to look for your moths. Moths can get into everything – but most commonly it’s your food. Moths can get into…

  • Your rice, flour bags, spaghetti boxes, tea containers or bags etc…
  • They also love your cereals(recently a gentleman mentioned on the Mottephobia Facebook page that he found a dead moth in his corflakes!  Do you ever look closely at YOUR cornflakes? EW! GROSS! — lets pretend we didn’t know this fact!).
  • They love your yummy chocolate, too!
  • I also came across another post online where someone had to throw kilos of infested food away because it was covered in gross disgusting sticky mothlarvae! BLEH! Brrr…I can only imagine how this person felt and how irritating it must be that this is like throwing money out of the window
  • They are also having breakfast, lunch and dinner in your bird seed (and if you have indoor birds, your birds may be having THE MOTHS for breakfast, lunch and dinner too!!!). Poor little birdy’s.
  • Oh…and don’t forget, many moths are having fun in your dog’s favorite food or in your cat’s feast (and again, your dogs and cats are eating the moths too!).  Imagine that next time you go in for a little friendly kiss. LOL.
  • Moths are quite likely eating your wool rugs (soon they will be garbage)
  • Moths are nibbling on your finest, warmest natural woolen sweaters and jumpers, socks & blouses (again, soon to be garbage)
  • Moths are destroying your most beloved cashmeer jackets, coats.  Imagine the money and memories that will be wasted here when those coats are garbage too! Cashmeer is rare and usually passed down the family tree.  What a shame it would be to let these little buggers take that away!
  • And don’t forget how these little critters, this horrible moths, can jump into your other clothes that are rich in natural fibers such as silk , hair, fur and feathers to turn your home closet into a raggedy old heap of tattered clothing – barely suited for a homeless man!  How sad is that!

I know I poke fun, but Moths can really turn your home into a serious disaster area…it’s a war zone when you are infested.

And it doesn’t stop just here, moths could be everywhere. There can be tons more areas in your home that moths can set up camp and OCCUPY your finest acquisitions. You wouldn’t even give it one thought, where they could hide and reproduce to an even larger problem for you …

Moths in your house can drive you really nuts, we already know there is a REAL phobia (Mottephobia) for this and  so many examples already exist worldwide.   There is a Facebook Page dedicated to this! There are support groups, discussion boards and forums saturated with people desperate to get rid of moths!

If you’re like most other victims you are…

  • Tired of trying all the good advice from your family, friends only to find new infestations of moths occur every 3-6 months. ..
  • Half way through guidance from the so called experts and learning none of what they say is working at all…for example “You need to vaccum every nook and cranny, including inside wardrobes, and then follow it up with insecticide”…total GARBAGE! Doesn’t work!
  • Fed up with purchasing lousy, rip off and unnatural pest killers, poisonous pesticides or toxic repellants, that turn your cosy home into a harmful waste disposal site, but your moths are still reproducing and turning your home upside down! And on top of that, you start thinking the manufacturers are just laughing at you because they know the product doesn’t get rid of moths permanently… 
  • Asking yourself why 99% of professional exterminators don’t have the foggiest clue how to deal with moth infestations, and because of that, they just cover your clean fresh air home with a standard pesticide smoke screen, using worse then useless products to cloud their OWN lack of knowledge…
  • Sick of spending money on carpet cleaners that don’t work, because you are having a fight with these moths on your wonderful carpets ALL THE TIME and you know they are beneath you – every step you take. We all know these moths may have settled down and are making you crazy and mad.
  • Becoming obsesive about your cleanliness (perhaps already being a neat freak)  – because you can’t get rid of those moths no matter HOW well you sanitize, scrub and protect everything. Every inch of your home is cleaned and washed all the time but still the moths won’t go away!

Bottom line: you are at the end of your rope,  patience has turned into extreme frustration, you cannot hold back the tears of anger and when you work down the whole entire to do list, being completely exausted, and feeling utterly hopeless, because your problem doesn’t go away – you simply cannot deny that your moth problem has become a much bigger issue than just a pest infestation.

NOW you are afraid to do anything wrong, nothing has worked, you’ve tried everything, but those stubborn pesky creatures keep coming back even in higher numbers, and carry on eating their way through your expensive grocery list or dearly beloved clothes.

And it doesn’t matter, if they are Pantry Moths, Closet Moths, Clothing Moths or Carpet Moths, because…


My name is Gerald Fleissner and I am like you, a homeowner, who at that time, had moths who were up to a fight with me.

Yet I had no official training as a boxer, UFC fighter or MMA – I knew I was bound lose!

That SUCKED!  These moths were on a vengeance to take over my home and WIN! (Little @$$#0!e’s) 

Like you, I was cravingwith desperate desire to get rid of these moths (who were obviously ready to battle to the death with me) in a safe manner.  I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. (Namely myself). LOL.

So, I went online, researched the issue, went out to the stores, seeking help for a Proven Success Formula on getting rid of moths. I was the “engine the could” for a while, and prepared to win this battle with these little beasts.

It wasn’t easy…though.

 I have scars and some lasting bruises from the fight – but I won in the end. You can too!


I know when I finally tackled my moth problems for good…I felt a whole stream of emotions…


  • I felt oddly powerful!  I knew that if I could FINALLY tackle this ongoing disaster, I could tackle anything else going forward.
  • I built up more confidence in my ability to get through something so very frustrating
  • I experienced new comfort , knowing that if anything like this happens ever again I would beprepared and far less fearful and frustrated!
  • I finally come to a place of calmness – and peace (knowing this issue was solved forever)
  • I had new found composure!  I could invite people over again without inviting moths into their meals or drinks! (LOL). *Don’t worry that one didn’t happen (but it’s funny to think about isn’t it).
  • I knew I gained a know-how in something that others didn’t. 
  • With this, I achieved a level of competence I never expected
  • I felt like I truly became an expert in something I never asked to be an expert in! 
  • I felt like I could share my experience and prevent others from going through it!
  • I learned a new sense of professionalism – because I had the solution to something very few did and it was completely safe and natural!


Now you certainly don’t need to become an experienced expert with great professionalism in getting rid of moths… but I think you Deserve the confidence, comfort, freedom and calm that comes with winning your battle with those little buggers.


Like me, having the desire to do what most are not willing to do is an absolute giant step YOU are taking for getting rid of moths and learning how to do it the easiest and most importantly natural way.

By investing your time reading the words I’ve laid out on this website is a testament to your commitment to not being average and ordinary and wanting to do something on your own in your life.

I can relate to where you are right now and how You Feel because it was only a few moths ago that I was tenaciously searching for my answers.

I was relentless in my pursuit of finding answers on how to get rid of moths because I had tried so many things that just didn’t work out the way I had hoped for.

Like me … you’ve probably asked yourself:

  • Where do I start looking for them?
  • How do i get rid of them (what kind of stuff am i using and how can it be 100% natural) or do i need a moth killer at all?
  • Is spending my time and all my hard earned money going to pay off?
  • Doi have to Study any books or anything else?
  • When will i know, if i have eliminated them for good?


Believe me, I’ve been in the EXACT same spot you’re in right now…

 Because, I personally 
suffered for close to a YEAR with my moth problems!




Like You, I Tried everything and Nothing worked!

I also know, that I was not alone, with my Disgusting Problems at this time.

Right now, there is a huge group of people on the internet suffering for 6-12 Months with Moth Infestations. Counting hundreds and thousands of dollars in losses (from ruined groceries, carpets, drapes and clothing).

And that’s just not all…

Think about…Those People Are Putting Themselves also in a Big Health Risk, every time they fight against those little nasty critters!

It’s Rediculous, how something seemingly so harmless can Wreak Havok In Your Home And Can Have A Huge Effect On Your Health, Too!


Whether you have just put your home upside down Craving to get to the source of those damned little critters for good  you still have to ask yourself…


  • Did i Terminate those little buggers For Good?
  • How much More Money Do I Have To Spend, if they still aren’t gone?
  • Am I  Wasting Money, Time And Efforts On Useless Solutions, just to find out after weeks, I still lost the battle this time…


Can you Imagine, what it would Feel like, if you could get rid of your little unpleasant eaters Completely Safe And 100% Natural?



With Your MOTHS in your home right now, I assure…

  • You will win your fight against moths!
  • You will not Endure the pains I did!
  • You will Get Rid Of Your Moths in no time!
  • You will Get Rid Of Your Moths Naturally And Enviromentally Safe (WITHOUT ANY PESTICIDES AT ALL)
  • You will be able to start living, relaxing and being absolutely comfortable in your Life again!
  • And you will NEVER have to suffer from new infestations, due to gross left over larvaes!
  • But, when there is still a Moth or Two sneaking around your home trying to settle down next time, then you know exactly, what steps you have to take to send them to heaven for good!
  • That means you will get a book, loaded of advices, tips and tricks, on how you win the fight against your little monsters!
I only have one major problem with my book here, specially when you have cats or dogs in your home:
You will Become Now Moth Free, and your pets don’t get this extra animal protein any more, from catching them before……..OOOOhhhhhaaa…that’s really a pity, that is…
…But i think, you can live with that, specially when nasty, resourceful
“crawling” Larvaes and distinguish flying little Moths are not in your food, clothes and sticking on your carpet any more, i am sure you will enjoy your Moth Free home much more again.
You’ll also get a StepByStep Guide for getting sure Moths will never become an issue again, whether you should find them on your wonderful Carpets, in your Kitchen, your Pantry, your Cupboards, your Closet or somewhere else…or settle down on your Clothes in your Wardrobe …
…For All Those Troubles with this critters in Your Home you will find  dozens of helpful Tips and Tricks…
…BUT most importantly You will “FINALLY” DISCOVER Your strategy you feel comfortable with, to win the war over your disgusting pests in your home!
“You will No Longer Have
Moth Problems Again”!!


But that’s not all…

… Because this Getting Rid of Moths resource ALSO answers you every question, doubt, concern or need to fight against your nasty little buggers.

You will Discover everything to know about getting rid of moths as quickly and easily possible PLUS you’ll Become the No. 1 Expert in your Family on how to…


  • Avoid the #1 mistake made by 90% of Household Moth Fighters, so you can maximize the time and efforts of just getting rid of them without having any doupts on going in the right direction, when you start out!
  • Discover all the areas, where your “hungry” Larvaes possible can hide, you may even have not dreamed about yet, they could possible hang out.
  • What type of moth is it, will you may questioning…you will find out, where the rubber hits the road on what’s important to know, that you will become the #1 expert in your home on the moth topic…!
  • Profit from what you ALREADY know —  You’ll be amazed, shocked, and astounded at how easy it is to find, locate and sort out your Moth Problem, once for all!
  • Decide which Strategies are best for your home to fight against your Moths — before you get started — using simple safety-check questions you can ask yourself!
  • How YOU Turn Your Home into even more than just a Moth Free home again  (often in less than half an hour)!

…. And you’ll also learn the #1 most important thing you can possibly do by getting rid of Moths

 And on Top of It…

These Strategies Are 100% Safe and Completely Natural

 So Gerald,

Whyshould it be such a big thing that Moth Removal in my Home is Absolutely Safe and Natural?

What is the Science behind your Thesis and Whyis it so Important for Me To Know About It.

What “NATURAL” Moth Removal Means For YOU And Your FAMILY:

Here’s my “dirty little secret”


Forget 99% of the Products 
from the Pest Industry out there!


All i can say is, that there is only ONE TINY Percent of their entire Product Line, I recommend to buy…
…The rest are not only not worth your hard earned money, they can actually cause Irreversable Damages (such as burns, lung issues, kidney failures and other serious threats on your health too) AND they do not work like nature does.

You Will Not Get Harmful side effects from my strategies, “Impossible” because normally you DON’T evenneed any specific Pantry Moth, Closet Moth, Clothing Moth or Carpet Moth products!

When you DISCOVER” the Natural Moth Removal Remedies, i have put together in my book, then you will realize that they don’t consist of chemicals AT ALL!

You can now AVOID the Resurgence of Your Moth Population!!!

If any of them should go on your nerves You will not give them the chance to come back into your home to stay there, because you got the skills now (from my ebook), how nature works, without breathtaking chemicals.

By Using Any Chemical And High Toxics products trying to get rid of those moths in your home, chances are very high that you Develop Resistance against your little monsters.

And it doesn’t matter, if they are pantry moths, closet moths, clothing moths or carpet moths…they just won’t go away, because pest chemical companies tell you so…instead the job will only Gets Tougher to kill them next time.

With this book you will learn simple and easy to understand techniques on How To Get Rid of Moths Fast  And Completely Natural! 

Product Image

Of course, I can’t help you

“Getting Rid Of Your Moth Problem”

If You Don’t Grab My Full Of


eBook NOW!

How much LONGER, do you want to suffer the consequences of the useless products from the Pest Industry?

Or would you like to switch over to Real straight Facts and find a “REAL” SOLUTION to getting rid of your moths completely natural…? They are all in my book!!

No matter, what you have done or what you have considered doing – none of these will properly get rid of moths:

Here is a quick peek at even more of the confidential information you’re about to find out quick from my book …

  1. Why Exterminators Don’t Work (even though, there would be no other way out, you believe)!
    Even the biggest Moth infestation in your household is treatable by the most powerful source…The Nature…And explained in my ebook straight-to-the-point!
  1. Perfect Hauskeeping Is The Key and Free to get rid of your moths…is that the Ultimate Truth or is it just a Myth? The Answers in my ebook!
  1. Moth Balls stink and they are not good for your health too, but do you know also all the other reasons, why you should avoid Moth Balls like a plague in your home? The Answers in my ebook!
  1. Why All other Chemicals for getting rid of your Pantry Moths, Closet Moths, Clothing Moths or Carpet Moths are dangerous and a risk to say the very least, find the Answers in my ebook
  1. Fumes and Pesticides – do I even need to say what the issue is here? Yes – in my ebook you get the Real Facts, what they do to you and your loved ones at home, if you use them!
  1. Moth Traps…There is only One Reason you should consider to buy them. Do you know, when and for what you need to buy them? It’s layed out for you in my book…just plain-spoken!
  1. Maybe Diatomaceous Earth can do the trick on sending those Moths away from my home or kill them? Maybe you have never heard about it before…but it doesn’t matter about your answer…the plain words for what it is good for or not, do you really need it or not, are written down in my ebook for you!
  1. Seal Your Home…comes to your mind, when you realize how many little cracks and holes are there for your nasty insects to hide…so is it important and crucial to do this sealing thing around my whole home? Find out about sealing yes or no from my ebook!
Armed with all of these amazing strategies to give you a “flying advantage” in your home, DISCOVER the entire so called “Moth Fighting Strategie” list i have gathered from countless sources everywhere you could not even imagine to give it a thought to look there…just everything what works, but also all Myths too…
…so that you don’t get caught up on the Way on “How Get Rid of Your Moths”!
Now you should be Desperate and Serious looking into my “Moth Free Natural Solution” program, because it will be your ticket for feeling Moth free in your home again!
The Reasons why i am over the top confident to make it the most powerful Get Rid of little disgusting flying Moth Removal Guideline on Earth and why it will create killer value and cracking results also in Your Home is…
Imagine your home for a moment…you bought my book then YOU have given Your Pantry Moths, Closet Moths, Clothing Moths or Carpet Moths the final packing, where you and your family can still breathe fresh air afterwards and you are doing just fine, without…

Feelings of guilt to use Chemicals, Toxins or Pesticides products…

That’s why i am interested in working with people who are committed to do what it takes! So if you’re Serious About Becoming Moth Free Naturally, then I want to work with you, for both your sake and mine.

And it helps my business more, when I work with people, who are Absolutely DEDICATED about to get MOTH FREE RESULTS And By The Way 100% SAFE and COMPLETELY NATURAL…

It’s a win-win situation.

And that’s why I’ve decided to put a very reasonable price of just $14.99 on this eBook. It’s enough to prove to me that you’re serious about getting rid of your moth problem.

For All Those Reasons, I think, it’s a fair trade.

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“You literally have NOTHING to lose when you try these strategies!”

Because I will  GUARANTEE your success using the “How To Get Rid Of Moths Naturally” ebook program 100%!

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I really want that you get rid of your Moths successfully, and without Chemicals or Pesticides, 100% natural.  

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You Will Be Able to Get Back into Your Cosy Home “Sweet Home” Start Living “Without Headache” And Avoid Wasting Any Thoughts On Those Tiny Monsters Ever Again!

It’s that simple.

Guarantee image
  NOW Get Started and Send Your Moths
into the Desert
the Next Five Minutes!


Just think about it…  

No more “wasted time” Time on endless cleaning sessions for fighting those moths.

Get your time back spending it instead with your family, friends or enjoying it on your beloved hobbys…just that TOP secret advice is priceless not even mentioned the other two’s yet!

I have also much better ideas to spend my time on, not just having to deal with nasty and distgusting Moths all the time around me …that’s just Completely unnecessary!

No more Frustrationon Needless Tries and Guessings to get your Worries out of hand by creating Error results.


No More Thrown Away Money on ineffective products like chemicals, toxins, insecticides that promises you massive success in getting Moth free Results…

So Here’s YOUR Choice…

You either want my online Strategies or you don’t. If you don’t, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

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So Let’s Get Started!




If you’re not thrilled with my amazing strategies, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing and Keep the $386 Super Bonus Package, That’s A Guaranteed Gain And No Matter What You Decide!

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To Your New Life Without Moth Invasion and Chemical Poisoned Home,

Gerald Fleissner

P.S. If Not Now, then you will not discover this completely natural strategies, what by the way can also save your health too!

So, If Not This Program, How will you get your life back without my Help to Kick out the little Buggers in your home?

I understand it is sometimes difficult to take that step…even when the reward is so significant.

If you turn your back on this Strategie Program, what will you do when the next Moth invasion will take over your home? Deep in your heart you know that the next Moths are waiting just around your doorstep.

Will you suffer through it alone in your cosy home again? Will you reach for another worthless toxic remedy or perhabs expensive pest exterminator and putting lots of stuff again into the trash and dealing with health issues from all those moth chemicals at the end, too!

Or will you finally take charge of your Moth Problems and also experience the relief from those disgusting Critters and their Larvaes?

The choice is yours you have nothing to lose…

…ohhhh sorry, you have to lose something here, right? Your Moths of Course!